A SIMPLE story made a BIG difference

How does an advertisement become unforgettable without the use celebrities or fancy buzzwords? A simple and touching story has made Truemove, a mobile phone company based in Thailand, a global brand without the big publicity used by international conglomerate brands. What Truemove delivered was the idea of “Giving is the best communication”.

More than 9 million people watched this video on YouTube in one week, including those who could not afford to pay for Truemove’s services. From viewing the commercial, you would probably have no idea how Truemove’s product is positioned against its competitors. However, you can understand the characteristic of the brand-care and humanity. This video has made an emotionally positive connection to the brand and the image of the company. Like Coca Cola, Truemove was able to differentiate itself by establishing the value of the brand in the intense competition. Some viewers had also expressed that the commercial acts as a reminder to call their loves ones. This is the goal for Truemove – encouraging people to make more phone calls.

An article written by Susan Gunelius mentioned that there were five ways to engage and connect emotionally with consumers:
1. Speak truthfully.
2. Infuse personalities into stories.
3. Create characters your audience will root for.
4. Include a beginning, middle, and end.
5. Don’t give it all away.
I believe that this advertisement delivers four out of five of the ways to effectively connect with the consumers. (Click here for the full article )

A good advertisement that successfully connects the brand and its customers can generate unexpected value for the company. Therefore, beside the firm’s products or services, content marketing is just as important for company success.
“A successful marketer is also a good storyteller”.


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