Shift in Advertising ~ The Digital Culture

With the increase in consumer adoption of digital devices, it should be no surprise that advertising is moving rapidly towards digital. Therefore, it is important for brands and advertisers to understand the underlying trends and cultural shifts in the digital medium to better reach their intended audiences.

According to the recent ‘The Digital Consumer’ report by Nielsen, Americans on average own four digital devices and engage with media content for more than 60 hours a week. In addition, over the last year, there was a significant increase in media consumption via mobile devices (9:52 hours) , while at the same time Live-TV consumption decrease (2:44 hours). The report also revealed another interesting insight where Hispanics are ahead of the digital curve, and are adopting digital devices at a higher rate than any other demographic group.

These digital devices provide advertisers the opportunity to engage with the consumer in ways advertisers never could before. However, even with added channels and devices to reach consumers, advertisers will be challenged to attract and capture the attention of the distracted digital consumers. This has led to trends in advertising to develop capabilities in social media, mobile, big data analytics and cloud technology.

(Click here for some interesting advertising trends)


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