Creative Marketing Campaigns in Subway Stations

A subway station is usually a traditional way to promote products with eye-catching advertisements.


However, people may forget it after leaving the stations. How can you not only capture people’s attention but also increase their interests to the brand or product?

Here are some examples.

Volkswagen: Fast Lane

Volkswagen attracted its potential target consumers who are curious and love to go beyond the regular by introducing “The Fun Theory” (transforming stairs into a giant piano) in a subway station in Stockholm. This campaign developed a powerful brand image in consumers’ mind.

After a few years, Volkswagen came up with another interesting campaign, “Fast Lane” in a subway station in Berlin. It again successfully became a viral video that created great awareness in a few days. It reinforced consumer the brand image “fun and speed” through this and subsequent brand communications.

It was interesting that Microsoft used the same way to promote Windows 8 with the similar idea “fast and fun”.

Ikea: The IKEA Apartment-54 Square-Meter Ideas to Life

In Paris, to demonstrate to potential customers that how IKEA furnishings can make even the smallest flat comfortably habitable in a confined space, IKEA built an entire apartment inside a metro station. Furthermore, the company invited five volunteers to live inside for about one week. This campaign generated a lot of awareness and interests from commuters on their daily travels via the station. It also successfully created positive online buzz through social media, such as Facebook and YouTube.

Click here to see more interesting subway advertisements.


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