Liking Isn’t Helping




The heart-wrenching ad campaign by Crisis Relief Singapore, a Christian disaster relief organization, uses shocking press images to challenge “Facebook Philanthropy.” Proclaimed as one of the most impactful ad campaigns of the year, Crisis Relief Singapore advertising agency Publicis Singapore won a 2013 Gold Lion award from the Cannes Lions International Awards.

The emotional photography displays three recent catastrophes: war, flood and earthquake, composed with thumbs up to mimic Facebook “likes.” The campaign reminds us virtual actions do not translate into real life actions to help those in crisis. While spreading awareness with “likes” and “sharing,” social media has failed to go further. Our digital nation generation easily forgets the rest of the world, and when we remember, we feel better by “liking” rather than doing. Instead, the campaign makes a bold call to action with the tagline: “Be a volunteer. Change a life.” The ad is powerful: encouraging us to get out from behind our screens and do something meaningful.!xWTqy


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