Latin American Women and their influence on household purchase decisions

Ariel is a line of laundry detergents made by Procter & Gamble, a flagship brand for important Latin American Markets including Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela.

It is common knowledge that women have a significant influence on household purchase decisions, especially in Latin America. In this culture, women traditionally run the household and are responsible for the majority of house related activities. Importantly, purchasing decisions are highly driven by the recommendations made by the older generation, such as a grandmother to her daughter and granddaughter.

In the featured ad a group of Latin American women gather to learn about a revolutionary laundry product (detergent, stain remover and fabric softener in one capsule). The older generation of women teach the younger generation about the advantages of using such laundry product. The central character to the ad states that it is the responsibility of the older generation to communicate the best cleaning practices and techniques to younger women. The featured story reflects the deeper cultural traditions in Latin America and the influence that women, and particularly mothers have over the purchasing habits and decisions of their daughters.

Across the world, women continue to successfully emerge in traditionally male-dominated activities and professions such as politics and running businesses. As gender roles continue to evolve, clearly men and women’s responsibilities will be re-evaluated and likely will become more balanced. This shift in gender roles will consequently result in new marketing campaigns to capture the changing nature of household related activities and purchase decisions.



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