Shift towards mobile advertising

As a follow up to the post on the shift in advertising ~ the digital culture, we will take a look at advertising on mobile devices and the culture that drives growth in this category.

Firstly, the shift to digital has been driven by the adoption on mobile devices. However, most companies and brands are still slow to adopt and leverage the potential of mobile advertising. Referring the charts below, there is a huge growth potential for mobile advertising and firm that do not have a mobile strategy will become irrelevant very quickly.

Share_of_media_time_vs_share_of_total_ad_spend_n US-Consumer-Media-Consumption-Share-9-2-13

Secondly, the mobile culture can be sensitive to advertising on such mediums mainly due to the significant limitations of screen size available to advertising methods such as mobile banners ads. Companies are now starting to pay more attention in providing relevance and engagement on mobile devices. For example, geo-location technology has allowed retailers and restaurants to reach hyper-local consumers based on their proximity to a retail location, and their relevancy to time, interest and demographic. Geo-location mobile advertising has increased consumer engagement and response rate by at least two times, and drive at least three time more foot traffic.

Another engagement technique advertisers have used with success is the gamification of mobile advertising. Gamification leverages the use of game elements to create engagement and promote desired consumer behaviors that traditional marketing such as loyalty programs, cereal box prizes and easter eggs hunts uses. According to a report by BI Intelligence, generation X have the most positive reaction to gamification.

Lastly, the integration of social media and mobile technology has enabled consumers to interact with anyone, anywhere and anytime. This allows brands and advertisers to both listen and reach their target audience and to engage with each consumer personally. The explosion of social media usage and advertising on these channels will be discussed on a future blog post. Till then, stay tuned.

Reports and information from StatistaCharts, and BI Intelligence

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