Advertising in the World Cup: Coca Cola

The FIFA world cup is one of the major sporting events taking place every 4 years around the world; the event represents an outstanding opportunity for global brands such as Coca Cola to launch worldwide advertising campaigns.

In 2010 (Last year a world cup was held) Coca Cola’s advertising budget reached 2.9 Billion Dollars; expenditure in print, radio, television and other advertisements are considered in such figure.

Less than 100 days away from Brazil’s 2014 World Cup opening ceremony (June 12th – July 13th) Coca Cola and other important brands are securing advertising spaces during such an important month; we will start to witness the launch of Coca Cola’s 2014 World Cup campaign in the upcoming weeks. 8 advertisers spending over $ 600 Million including Coca Cola have secured TV presence with Brazil’s leading TV broadcaster (Globo). According to Globo TV Marketing Director a $ 75 Million budget per advertiser equals 1,120 video insertions; including 451 30-second TV commercials amongst other advertising prints.

According to FIFA research more than 3.2 Billion people (46.4 % of the world’s population) watched live coverage for a minimum of one minute of 2010’s World Cup; without a doubt the World Cup is an event worth investing for brands with a global reach. Coca Cola’s World Cup campaign is not only interesting from a reach perspective but also due to the cultural considerations accounted when tailoring such a global campaign to more narrow markets.



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