A picture is worth a thousand words

Although there has been a significant reduction in the popularity of print media advertising, print media advertising is still a valuable marketing tool for reaching out a wider range of consumers who are not used to online media. Just as online media, there is a lot of information in a newspaper or magazine. How to create a powerful print advertisement which can capture consumers’ attention? An idea or message must be communicated simply and swiftly. One of the tips is to use a single, eye-catching visual to provide the central focus with humor. It is easier and unforgettable for consumers to keep the brand or the product in mind when thinking of interesting advertisements. The following are some examples.

1. Timotei Styling Mousse



Timotei Natural Style Hairspray, Gel, and Mousse were promoted in 2005 with an eye-catching portrait.


2. Chupa Chups Lollipops



From this advertisement, it clearly conveyed the main idea “sugar free” without any word. This simple picture also created an “aha” moment.


3. Utopolis, Group of cinemas



Referencing popular mass culture phenomena can be a highly creative and effective way for businesses to tap into consumers’ desire for familiarity.


4. WMF Knife

04_WMF Knife


From this advertisement, it is easy to memorize the feature of WMF knife: sharpness.


5. Olympus: Optical zoom


When you look at things through Olympus Binoculars, they get closer than you had ever imagined.

Although funny advertisements can attract attentions, humor is not a simple task. It is important to realize that humor is not universal. It varies from different culture. A global audience is, unfortunately, unlikely when it comes to humor. Humor in communications must transcend those local lines as best possible. Knowing your product or idea and its audience can avoid misuse of humor and improve the efficiency of your advertisement.


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