Second Screen as a new advertising medium

Another interesting shift in advertising is the use of second screen. Consumer are increasingly engaged on second screen content. According to Nielsen data, 75 percent of mobile (smartphone and tablets) users are engaging with second screen content more than once a month as they watch TV. In addition, about half of those people (50 million) are engaged with second screen content daily. This pose a great opportunity for brands and advertisers to engage consumers across devices. Below is data on connected devices usage while watching TV.

Nielsen_Connected Devices Owners Usage while watching TV
Source: Nielsen

Good examples of second screen engagement has mainly been around live events and episode premieres. Something to watch for this summer is Fifa World Cup. According to an article “World Cup to deliver extra content for second screen”, the World Cup will have access to an extra 1,500 hours of content, all of which will be available for delivery to second screen devices for the first-time.

For brands and advertisers, the opportunity to engage consumers in real-time with relevant targeted information is in the horizon. In addition, with the rise of second screen, advertisers can extend consumer engagement longer than the traditional 30 seconds TV advertisements. It will be interesting to see how second screen will evolve in the world of advertising.


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