A model of Generic Brand?

We have seen a lot of advertisements in our daily lives. Have you ever noticed that there are some clichés or similar ways that every business likes to use in the commercial?

There is a popular clip called “This Is a Generic Brand Video” which generated 602,000 views on YouTube in just a week. It was based on a satirical poem written by Kendra Eash for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency then turned into an actual video by Dissolve, a stock footage company.

Why does this video make you feel so familiar? It is an amalgamation of every single generic brand video that you have ever seen; regardless of what is it for. We can see some similar elements of different advertisements from the clips, including doctors’ experiment in a laboratory with professional white uniforms, views of cities, smiling face on people of different ethnics.

As an audience, this video is so hilarious that makes me laugh. However, as a marketer, what do we do after watching it? Do we just admit, “That’s exactly how we work on the commercials,” and move on? Can we do something different?

This video can be a start point to stop a while and think about what we really want to convey to audiences or consumers. It seems that we have talked a lot in the advertising, but are they meaningful or just some clichés?

Someone may argue that we use the same model to tell the story because it works. However, can we break it out? Is there any more creative way or scripts that can really make our products, services, or the brand outstand from our competitors? Some creative advertisements we mentioned in the previous blogs are good examples. Even though content marketing is important, the key point is to send meaningful messages to our target consumers to increase their interests and improve the relationship. As we do not like to talk to someone who always talks with clichés without his or her personality, so do the target consumers.

Therefore, think of the goal first, and then incorporate the characteristic of your brand when producing any commercial.


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