World’s Toughest Job, #worldstoughestjob

(Warning: Spolier Alert – if you have not watched the video, you may want to do so before reading the blog)

With the upcoming Mother’s Day, the ad campaign “World Toughest Job” has over 14 million views on YouTube within six days of posting. The YouTube video, which was published on Monday, April 14, 2014, reached 4 million views by Tuesday evening.

The idea for the viral video campaign for greeting card maker, American Greetings, was based on a true story. A member of the creative staff from the Boston advertising firm, Mullen, based the story from noticing her sister-in-law’s extremely difficult job of caring for her baby at a family gathering a few months ago.

The viral video is a collection of job interviews conducted over skype for the position of “Director of Operations” that the ad firm posted online. The interviewer gradually reveals the job requirements that became increasingly outrages and most would probably not pass any legal employment standards – here is a list of the job requirements the interviewees were told:

  • It’s not just a job, it is probably the most important job
  • Mobility – must be able to work standing most of the time
  • Constantly exerting yourself
  • Working from 135 hours to unlimited hours per week, basically 365 days a year (24 hours 7days a week)
  • Breaks for eating is only allowed only after the associate is done eating
  • Excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Degrees in Medicine, Finance and Culinary Arts
  • Associate needs constant attention
  • Sometimes you must stay up with the associate throughout the night
  • No Vacations or breaks
  • Workload increases during holidays
  • Salary: $0

The reactions of the interviewees to the increasing demanding job requirements ranged from shocked to disgust. They were then told that there are many people that are currently in this job position. The viewers eventually find that this job description details the work of a mother.

The video became viral mainly for because of the following:

  • Elements of great story telling
  • Elements of surprise
  • Positive emotional content that connects to its viewers
  • Creating relevance to current events (Mother’s Day)
  • Generated viewer reactions – both positive and negative that made for good discussion

PS: The viral video has created such an impact that companies such as Bud Light have even started creating parody videos to capture some of the buzz.

AdCulture wishes every mother a Happy Mother’s Day.




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